How to choose a perfect domain name for website
How to choose perfect domain name for blog, social media,organisation, eCommerce website, etc.

How to choose a perfect domain name for website

The most important thing about a website is its name. It means a lot to your audiences and gives an impression of your website. So the right choice of domain name for website helps you to grow your audience. A domain name is a brand of your website. If you want to be successful on the internet than It is recommended to come up with the right domain name. Lots of bloggers start publishing their content without choosing a perfect domain name for their website. After sometimes they find that the domain name is not related to their posts. So you do not need to rush for any name as your domain name. Before you are going to purchase hosting you should choose your domain name. Some of the hosting provider offers free domain name and some of them do not provide a free domain name. In that case, you need to register your first with other domain name service providers. Domain name can be expressed as: Your chosen name + Your chosen domain Extension ( extension)

Consider the following things for a perfect domain name

1. Website is about

You know about the goal of your website. It can be on Flower, Fashion, Science, Technology, Travel, Photography, Technology, etc. So you should start finding some great names related to your website content. Some of the websites provide contents on specific something, some of them provides some functionality and even some website provides both. You should create a unique flexible name.

2. Think Creative Name

You can come up with a new combination of words. If you are writing posts about Photography than you might use the following words.

  • Photogaphyart.
  • Beautiful.
  • PhotoSession.
  • Camera.
  • Capture.
  • Flash.
  • Photoshot.
  • Focus.

3. Target your audience

You are creating a website for your readers or users. You should know the target audience which will help you to choose a name for your website. If you are targeting a particular country, language, age, gender, etc of your audience. You need to understand the nature of your audience. It is very important.
Example: If you are a dog lover and your blog is about dogs then you will find dog lovers or animal lovers are your general audience and domain name based on dog or animal then it is fine but after sometimes if start wring about food or fashion then you should find that your page rank is going down and you are losing your audience.

4. Inspect competitors’ domain names

If someone using a domain name and it contains the same topic as you. Then do not try to copy your competitors with some small changes. Some of the websites use a trademark for their domain. You should use a different name to make your brand unique and you can also register a trademark to avoid others coping with your website.

5. Use your name

Many people write personal blogs. In that case, you can use your name as a blog name. Sometimes you want to write something about your activity which people want to read. Then you can add that activity name with your name in the domain name.
Example: If your audience to follow you whatever you do or you want to share your activity. Then will be a perfect website name.

6. Use Brand Name

If you are the owner of your product then you can use your product name or type of the product as your domain name. It will be great because you are promoting your product through your website. Do not use other brand names.

7. Use short form

If your domain name is big and you cannot make it short don’t worry. You can use the short form instead of a long name.
Example: Football is one of the biggest sports around the world. FIFA stands for “Federation Internationale de Football Association” in French. Notice the spelling of international. lots of people around the world do not search for international as Internationale. What they did make the short form which is FIFA. And the It looks better and easy to remember.

8. Use Keywords in Your domain Name

Do some research on Google to know the keyword related to your website topic. Pick a nice one as your website name. It should be SEO friendly which will help you to rank in Google. Of course, you are creating a blog website and want to make some money from it. You can use a 2 or 3-word Long tail keyword to make your website name. It is a much better option for SEO, traffic and marketing perspective.

9. Keep Your Domain Name Short

I highly recommend that you choose a website name within 14 characters. Do not make it too short. If you want more than a single word then go for a 2 or 3-word combination which is better. More than 3 words it not as good as a name. It is a complete sentence.

10. Make Your domain Name Easy to Pronounce and Spell

Do not use any heavy keyword as your website name. Remember you are creating your website for your audience. People do not want to remember any heavy word. While they share your website name then due to difficulty they want to avoid it. The same problem is found while speaking. It will also create a problem if you create a domain-specific email address.

11. Avoid Double Letters

Do not use any letter to double your website name. It loses your traffic. Because it is hard to remember and also create come confusion while people are typing website names.

12. No Numbers or Special Characters

It is highly recommend that do not use any number (or digit ) and a special character ( dash/hyphen ) like the hyphen or dash in your website name. It creates confusion in the reader’s mind.
Example: If your blog name is “”. Then people will type it as “”. They will not be able to reach your website. It is hard to remember as well a name with the number.

13. Do not use the hyphen

Do not use the hyphen in your website name Hyphen (-) normally comes between two words. It confuses the user to remember it again and again. Also, a name with Hyphens takes more time in typing in tablets mobiles. So try to avoid hyphens in your website name.

14. Leave Room to Expand your website

Chose your domain ( website ) name determining the future. Do not give any name depending on your post name. It will be better for only to that post but if that post is a part of your topic than you cannot change the name. Your domain ( website ) name should give you the scope in the future to write on a different topic. If you write blogs on WordPress plugins and later you want to write a WordPress theme then there is a mismatch to your posts and website name. It will lose your traffic.
Example: Suppose a website named “” which writes about plugin. Now its name suits its contain. If it starts to wring about the WordPress theme then it will lose traffic because there is a mismatch between website name and its contents..

15. Make sure the chosen name is available on other social media sites

Make sure that your website name is unique enough to use it in social media also. Check the name whether it is available on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. A lot of readers follow blogs on social media as well. If you are unable to bring your blog name which is used on your website than probably you should lose your audience. Social media is one of the great platforms for promotion and people like to follow on social media.

16. Use tools to get your domain name

There are lots of tools available on the internet. They provide a great domain ( website ) name based on your demand.

    Domain name generator: Find a good name for your WordPress blog, eCommerce and social media websites:
  1. DomainWheel
  2. Nameboy
  3. Wordoid
  4. Panabee

17. Research your Domain name

Once you choose your website name then go for its availability on domain name providers or on hosting sites where they offer free domain registration. If you find that your chosen name has already taken then try to find another one. Also, check the availability of social media. Namecheckr is one of the best domain name checkers available. Before registration of domain name, you should check about your chosen website name has any trademark issue. You can check your domain with an extension for free.

18. Prefer .com domain extension

The most known Top-level domain ( TLD ) extension is .com. It is well known across the globe. People prefer to use .com websites. If your website is for particular for a country or a specific region then you might use any other domain extension. I highly recommend that you always go for the .com extension. It is so important for traffic and marketing perspective.

Final Thought:

Well having said all the things above I always like to prefer a small meaningful easy to remember the keyword-based name as my domain ( website ) name with .com extension.

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